Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 25 Bow Echo

While the weather fizzled for us there was an impressive bow echo that move across Madison county. It produced quite a strong downburst of winds.

Here is the NWS write up of the event...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Severe Weather Fizzles Again

I think the could deck along with a weakening of the frontal boundary has left a mish mash of rain and some very limited severe weather around the state. I don't think much will develop but some showers through the evening. Have a great evening.

Storms Are Still Possible Today

The SPC did slide the slight risk area slightly north so we are just out of the officially marked area. We still remain in a general risk area for wind and hail. Wind will be the biggest threat for us along with possible heavy isolated pockets of rain.

Storms are unlikely to be the isolated super cell bad boys which usually spawn the most damage but instead would likely be linear storms along the 2 fronts and will move across the area quickly.

There will remain some good opportunities for rain this afternoon through Wednesday morning.

Slight Risk for Thunderstorms

Today looks to be a very good set up for some moderate thunderstorms across the region. A slight risk area issued by the Storm Prediction Center covers our area NE IL and most of MI. Rain already is moving into the state with from the west.

Today will be mostly a heavy rain and wind event with some hail and a slight chance or tornadoes.

All of this weather will be in front of a cold front pushing its way across the area. The low pressure over Wisconsin will move along the front across Indiana later this afternoon and evening bring in the best chances for severe weather.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday = HOT!

Yep, it was hovering around 90 this afternoon and it finally did break the barrier a couple of times. It will become cooler as the week progresses and that will start with a stormy Tuesday.

Beautiful Weekend & Tuesday Storms

It was a prefect weekend and I am not sure how it could have been better. I hope for a few more of these. Today should be a hot one again.

Tuesday should bring cooler temperatures and scattered thunderstorms. A slight risk has already bee issued from the SPC for tomorrow. I do not anticipate any severe outbreak but instead a few isolated storms which are difficult to predict in advance.

The SPC early afternoon update might give us a little more insight to the situation.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It has been a while...

...since I had anything to write about. Today isn't much different but there are a few isolated thunderstorms moving along the cold front which stretches from Missouri up thru Indiana into Canada. Storms are about in middle Illinois back thru St. Louis.

I doubt there will be any severity to the storms other than the could to ground lightning warning.

Things look pretty quiet through the weekend after tonight. I guess you could say more of the same. The same also includes hot temperatures of course. Does anyone know this is supposed to be fall?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Overnight Rain & Thunderstorms

Maybe a little more rain tonight and a chance for thunderstorms. Much cooler by end of the week with lows in the 40's.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Saturday Rain Record

Saturday set a rain record for Kokomo-Weather with 2.97" in a single day. (Records only go back to early July 2006.) The storm total was 3.21".

(I do remember the rains in July 4/5, 2003 where Kokomo received 10" or more. My entire subdivision was stuck as the creek flooded on the road out. Too bad I didn't have my weather station then.)

August 20th had 2.52" of rainfall recently too.

September rain totals already top the monthly totals of April or May which are normally considered wet months.

You can always check out the Archived Data at the bottom of the main page for information such as this. A more complete archive will be coming soon...

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Almost 3" of rain has fallen and a potential of 1 to 2" is possible before midnight. The NWS has issued a Flood Warning for our are and a Flash Flood Watch until Sunday morning.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Diminshed Risk (so says the SPC)

The risk is diminished for almost all of the area mentioned before except for Texas.

A 2% tornado and 5% wind risk exists for our area. Some isolated storms are around and anything looks possible but nothing widespread (or predictable).

First Mesoscale Discussion of the Day

It looks like IL won't receive a watch box but some instability exists this morning and could produce a couple of isolated and strong storms. The potential increases this afternoon when convective heating and surface shear come into play over Indiana.

Everthing looks to be west and about 3 to 5 hours away...

Friday Storms with a Slight Risk

Surprisingly the SPC did issue a slight risk for our area and most of Indiana stretching through IL, MO, OK, and all the way down to the Panhandle of Texas. A lot of wind and hail reports were filed yesterday with this system and IL saw 3 brief tornado touchdowns. That system looks to remain unstable today and could produce a repeat of yesterday.

The moisture remnants of tropical storm Henriette will push along the frontal boundary and will park over Indiana for the weekend and will hopefully produce some much needed rainfall. The NWS forecast has rain predicted through the middle of next week.

This morning rain will be gone by 9 AM with the next round coming late afternoon and early evening. Moderate winds will be prevalent today from the SW bring the storms with it.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Interesting Friday Shaping Up

Tomorrow might be an interesting day with a few spotty thunderstorms. The weather across Missouri and Illinois has had a few rough spots with no large scale watch boxes but tornadoes and thunderstorms have appeared here and there. Things could make into our area as soon as sunrise.

Even with this said, I am not anticipating any slight risk issued by the SPC tomorrow for our area.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Summer Hanging On

The heat wave continues. So far there have been 25 days over 90 this summer and it looks like tomorrow will make 26. No severe weather in the forecast but some scattered rain and thundershowers are possible on Wednesday thru Saturday or Sunday.