Saturday, August 21, 2010

90 degree days

I wished the 90 degree days were behind us as the pattern looks to have relaxed a small amount.  However I think this is only temporary. 

So far the Kokomo Airport has recorded 17 days of 90 or above.  Lafayette is showing 25 and like us most came in July and August. 

For us, the dates are


I think after a brief cool down next week, we probably will heat up again.  Look for a very warm Labor Day.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quite a storm...

As I prepare for the opening of another school year, things are always a bit hectic getting ready for the return of teachers and faculty.  It has keep me from doing much writing about the weather. 

The main weather story has been the heat.  It has been a long time since we had this many days with temperatures over 90.  We are running a good 3 to 4 degrees above normal since May 1st.  It has been a good 10 years since we have seen a good hot summer like this one.

Today saw a pretty good storm system blow through this morning.  Unfortunately I was tied up at work and unable to follow it.  However this evening while showing some out of town relatives the city, I noticed several downed trees and lots of limbs and leaves everywhere.  One house locally in the Devon Woods area lot a complete tree and another was cutting up one that crashed into the house and knock off some gutter.

A lot of the home around Howard County lost power and I saw Duke still out doing repairs.  At 9:30, 450 customers are still shown without power.  Shelby County has about the same amount of customers.

This weekend could deliver some additional thunderstorms but it is too early to tell the impact they will have locally.  Sunday should begin the cool down.  Of course temps will still be in the 80's and don't think we are done with the hot temps.  They will a few more warm spells on the horizon.   Hopefully they won't be as bad as this stretch however.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Great Weather Ahead...

After some sticky weather and strong/severe thunderstorms across the area, we can finally catch our breath and put our thoughts elsewhere.  There has been a lot of rain the past 24 hours across Howard County.  Anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 inches already for August.

Thursday will be a transition day where there are some lingering showers moving out in the morning and humidity levels coming down to much more tolerable levels.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday look to be beautiful.  Warm but not stifling hot, manageable humidity levels and no threats from rain or storms. 

It is perfect opening weekend weather for the Indiana State Fair!

Don't get too used to it however.  The warm pattern returns early next week and with it the chance for rain and severe weather.  The month of August looks to have long stretches of warmth.  Yes, August is usually hot but this will be hotter than usual.

Hopefully the warm weather now will reap some benefits come winter with snow, lots and lots of snow.  Recently I have been reading several of the preliminary winter forecasts from both weather enthusiasts like me and the pros.  A common theme seems to have the Great Lakes/Ohio Valley area with above average snowfall.  You know I love that!  :)

I want to take a minute to acknowledge a weather enthusiast Matt G. with his preliminary winter forecast.  Matt is over near Noblesville so his weather pattern is our weather pattern.  Take a moment and give his blog a read -

For my new readers and followers, my own winter forecast if officially released on November 1 and includes the ever popular Snow Day prediction for Howard County Schools.  That always is a lot of fun.

Enjoy the weekend and I'll be back soon.

Wednesday Storms

The outflow boundary is out running the main system so I expect things to settle down shortly.  I did have a report of four large 80 to 100' trees fall about a mile east of Galveston.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A day of *WOW* weather...

Today was a *WOW* weather day. You might not be thinking that but we have an impressive dewpoint or 80 degrees at nearly 11 PM at night. After flirting with 80+ just after lunch, it went above and stayed at 3:25 this afternoon.

Another *WOW* has been the severe weather potential. It has been a powder-keg situation with CAPE values over 7000 and still is but there has been no fuse to get it going. The cap which inhibits storm initiation has been stout all day. Nothing has broken the cap all day so we sit here with warm weather and not much else to talk about.

Wednesday will be a hot one. The GFS continues to deliver very warm temps into the middle of August. The only good news is the weekend looks to moderate with middle 80's and lower humidity. If you are considering a trip to the state fair, this would be the weekend. It should be perfect.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

For Summer Lovers...

The above average summer temps continue.  No relief in sight.  The 6 to 10, 8 to 14, one month and three month outlooks all have large portions of the US including Indiana with above average temperatures.  I keep seeing some occasional triple digit temperatures popping up on the 16 day forecasts of the GFS.

I do not believe those will happen but plenty of middle ninety degree temperatures look likely.  The only think which might keep temperatures down would be some occasional thunderstorms moving through the area.

I am thinking the Indiana State Fair will be one of the warmest on record.  Take care if attending and be extra vigilant if you have animals down there.

These maps show the above average temperature departures we have experienced the past month and three months.

The NWS in Indianapolis reports July is the warmest since July 1999.