Friday, May 7, 2010

I bust again...

Anyone want to suggest a new hobby?  Apparently I am not very good at this one.

All I can say is I am sorry for the hype about severe weather today. All signs pointed to at a minimum straight line wind damage and good size hail.  Several rounds were expected with discrete supercells leading ahead of a squall line.  The camps were about evenly split on whether storms would go tornadic. 

Watching the day progress, about everything spelled trouble.  Lots of daytime heating, severe weather parameters shooting through the roof and even the tornado parameters were good enough for some spin ups.  By 4 PM when nothing was convecting, I became worried.  When things did finally get going, hardly anything reached severe limits and only a couple of storms nearby became strong.

Overall Indiana busted hard.  A few warnings around the state but nothing like anyone forecaster  So far the only thing I heard was a miss were the forecast dew points were 2 or 3 degrees cooler than the models kept showing.  I know dew points are critical but this was beyond belief.

Look for a crummy weekend with cool temperatures and maybe some remaining showers on Saturday before lunch.  Should I even mention next week has the potential for more severe weather?  Nah.

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