Saturday, June 18, 2011

Severe Weather & Rain

There will be plenty of rain over the course of the next 5 to 7 days.  Amounts ranging from nearly a couple of inches on the low side to 4+ inches in isolated areas.

We are in or very near the slight risk areas outlined by the SPC for severe weather through Tuesday.  It could extend past that too.

For Saturday, the risk is wind and hail and the threat remains rather scattered.  A very low (2%) risk for tornadoes on Saturday.  The current incoming mess is slow and should give us several hours to get in some activities outside.  Simulated short range models do show storms moving back in later afternoon.

Sunday has an increased threat for severe weather with tornadoes being possible.  The SERF has been highlighting an area in Indiana and Western Ohio as the location for tornadic activity.  The timing has been mid afternoon and evening.

Again, the treat is not as ominous as many of the recent events.  Still however one should be prepared to take action should severe weather threaten.

The 90 degree temperatures have been pulled from the NWS forecast for the early week.  By weeks end, we will be back to cooler weather with highs in the 70's again.  Severe weather should continue through mid week and there could be a much great threat for tornadoes on Wednesday if the GFS and its forecast is correct. 

I do think it will be a challenging week for the 55th Annual David A. Kasey Memorial Tournament.  Major league play will likely see a few rain outs or delays.  I say the odds of the tournament being extended an extra  day to Friday seems high given the forecast.  It wouldn't be the first time in recent years.

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kevin said...

Over the severe weather this season. Ready for it to start winding down soon.