Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tricky Friday Forecast

Today was a surprise.  While accumulating snow was expected, the 4 inches which fell was not.  Clippers can change track which this did and like we always hope, this one over performed.  Tomorrow could turn out the same.

The weather will be in your face the minute you step out the door on Friday morning.  It will be zero or even colder.  Easily the coldest night of the season.  Other than the cold, the morning should be uneventful.

Snow picks up in the afternoon and will be going as good as it gets by the dinner hour.  While this won't be as big of a snow as today, it will add to it.  There could be mixing issues.  Two systems are coming together and exactly where that converges will have big implications for they type of precipitation we receive.

Snow and mixed precipitation will continue through Saturday morning.  I can see Saturday morning be rather messy for anyone on the road until mid morning. 

Follow along tomorrow on Facebook as we see how this plays out.  I'm thinking a couple of inches of snow and a touch of freezing rain or sleet.

Oh, two hour delay for tomorrow.  Slick roads and cold temps make it seem logical.  :)

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