Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cold Wasted...

December was like November where the overall overage was 2 to 4 degrees below normal. Sadly the cold temperatures were wasted on the above normal precipitation. It seemed like each and every time significant precipitation came, we warmed up to either get rain or freezing rain. Right now we have around 3 inches of snow for the season.

The future forecast doesn't look any brighter. There are several events many days away which look marginal. Tonight a clipper system will sweep across the county bringing a narrow but nice band of snow for many to our north before it scoots out east. We might see a dusting.

Another system Thursday night into Friday will drop an inch or two across the region. Just enough to wet or appetite for snow but not enough to satisfy.
I guess it is still too early to give up hope but if we cannot see some snow soon, then let's just go back to the 60's we have on Saturday.

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