Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top Weather Stories 2008

The NWS in Indianapolis has created the Top Weather Stories for 2008. It is a great list for the state but I felt I should do one more for our specific location. These are in no special order.

Earthquake (4/18) - Not long after the mysterious sonic booms, we were shaken awake in the early morning by a 5.4 magnitude earthquake.

Snow Bust (1/31) - There were a lot of busted forecasts for snow but none bigger than the one on January 31 where we went from a major storm with a forecast of 8+ inches to basically nothing. Opps...

Clipper Surprise (2/19) - While there were many busted forecasts that went the wrong way, the clipper surprised us with a nice heavy band over Howard County. A couple of inches turned into four to five inches.

Angela Buchman (3/1) - Angela declares her love for Kokomo-Weather. *grin*

Cold December (12/1-31) - Even with a near record warm and more moderate temperatures the last few days, December was a cold month.

You will notice no mention of flooding or severe weather on my list. While there was plenty of both around Indiana, Howard County came our unscathed. Most severe weather forecasts were non events for us and we just missed several devastating rains.

I personally wish to thank everyone that visits and supports Kokomo-Weather and wish you and your loved ones a very happy new year.

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