Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Morning Follow Up

As you may have heard, yesterday's severe weather threat did finally come to fruition in Carroll, Miami, and Cass counties with one or more tornadoes touchdowns in the overnight darkness.  Storms at night while most people sleep are one of several great reasons to own a NOAA Weather Radio.  If you slept through it and were unaware, just think about the what if that had hit my home?

For Howard County, the big overnight news was the 2 inches of rain which fell in an hour on top of already saturated ground.   This upcoming week should bring more severe weather chances and rain.  However you can enjoy this day as it should be quiet and cool.

Important Weather Radio Information: The transmitter for the NOAA weather radio which servers our area is currently on low power and has a hum in the audio.  While I am sure repairs will be made quickly, it in current state, home weather stations might not be activated during severe weather.  I sure you to check your radio for reception a couple of times each day to make sure you know if it is not able to pick up the weakened signal.

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