Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A day of *WOW* weather...

Today was a *WOW* weather day. You might not be thinking that but we have an impressive dewpoint or 80 degrees at nearly 11 PM at night. After flirting with 80+ just after lunch, it went above and stayed at 3:25 this afternoon.

Another *WOW* has been the severe weather potential. It has been a powder-keg situation with CAPE values over 7000 and still is but there has been no fuse to get it going. The cap which inhibits storm initiation has been stout all day. Nothing has broken the cap all day so we sit here with warm weather and not much else to talk about.

Wednesday will be a hot one. The GFS continues to deliver very warm temps into the middle of August. The only good news is the weekend looks to moderate with middle 80's and lower humidity. If you are considering a trip to the state fair, this would be the weekend. It should be perfect.

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