Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Great Weather Ahead...

After some sticky weather and strong/severe thunderstorms across the area, we can finally catch our breath and put our thoughts elsewhere.  There has been a lot of rain the past 24 hours across Howard County.  Anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 inches already for August.

Thursday will be a transition day where there are some lingering showers moving out in the morning and humidity levels coming down to much more tolerable levels.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday look to be beautiful.  Warm but not stifling hot, manageable humidity levels and no threats from rain or storms. 

It is perfect opening weekend weather for the Indiana State Fair!

Don't get too used to it however.  The warm pattern returns early next week and with it the chance for rain and severe weather.  The month of August looks to have long stretches of warmth.  Yes, August is usually hot but this will be hotter than usual.

Hopefully the warm weather now will reap some benefits come winter with snow, lots and lots of snow.  Recently I have been reading several of the preliminary winter forecasts from both weather enthusiasts like me and the pros.  A common theme seems to have the Great Lakes/Ohio Valley area with above average snowfall.  You know I love that!  :)

I want to take a minute to acknowledge a weather enthusiast Matt G. with his preliminary winter forecast.  Matt is over near Noblesville so his weather pattern is our weather pattern.  Take a moment and give his blog a read -

For my new readers and followers, my own winter forecast if officially released on November 1 and includes the ever popular Snow Day prediction for Howard County Schools.  That always is a lot of fun.

Enjoy the weekend and I'll be back soon.

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