Sunday, October 24, 2010

High Winds on Tuesday

Tuesday could see a widespread wind event across our area.  A very deepening low pressure near the Canadian border in Minnesota and Wisconsin will produce a historic wind event.  High wind warnings are in effect for much the upper plains and great lakes area.  Locally, expect winds on Tuesday to be 20 to 30 MPH with gusts above 40 MPH.  Some models have indicated stronger.

A squall line event is anticipated Tuesday afternoon will will move very fast given the strong winds.  Severe cells could be embedded in the line so be alert for warnings.  If something materializes, the speed of the storm will leave little time to take cover. 

I would anticipate some wind advisory to be issued for Tuesday. 

Some good news, Halloween is not trending quite as cool as expected.  Maybe 40's now for the low rather than 30's.

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