Sunday, June 15, 2008

Severe Weather Coming

It looks like a line of storms will arrive around 7 PM. Winds and hail have been reported with these storms along with numerous warnings. I will likely be out for spotting in a but so this will be the last update before things get rocky. STAY SAFE!


Anonymous said...

Cass County had an alert about rotation near the highway garage near Logansport just before 7pm, I headed outside to see a wall cloud with extreme rotation going over my home East of Logansport. As it progressed it began drawing more clouds from around it into the core and sucking up much lower clouds up into the core. I haven't seen one of these since the 70's. Two different cells were colliding at the time of this event, one coming from the North and another coming from the West causing this event. It was quite exciting to see this. Keep up the great work, Jay

Jim said...

I was out in NW Howard County and say a similar picture. The roll cloud was beautiful with the storm as it arrived. Too bad I was unable to stop and photograph it.

There was a small micro burst which was about 350 North in Howard County. I saw it at Judson heading east and it was kicking up so much dust I had to do a double check to make sure it was not a debris could from a tornado. (I am really surprise someone from the public didn’t call that one in.)

Mike said...

Hey Jim,
I was hoping to get some great lightning shots, but that didn't happen. But I did see some awesome clouds. I have them on my blog if you want to check them out.
Thanks, Mike