Monday, November 29, 2010

Ready For Snow?

Rain is approaching and we should receive more drought relief with this system.  I think 3/4" to 1" is likely.  A small possibility of back end snow.  Maybe enough to write your name on the windshield and make a few slick spots on the sidewalk.

The weekend storm is not exceptionally interesting but it should also bring some snow on the back end of the rain.  At this moment, the snow will be late Saturday evening into the overnight and could total a couple of inches.  This is a clipper system which has been waffling on exactly how far south it digs in.

A possible better solution would be to take a miss to the north allowing the system early next week to come across across the US in a bowling ball fashion.  No predictions at this moment but one of the best bowling ball storms of recent was the Valentines Day storm of 2007.  A nice 15" to 18" fell across our area.  (Wouldn't that be a sweet solution for next week?)

If the system digs in deep, the better system next week could be pushed south.

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