Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Weather

Last week I was away at a conference.  It was a great conference about K-12 technology.  The timing couldn't have been better.  Why?  It kept me busy, really busy and not able to do more than a cursory look at the weather.  That turned out to be a blessing.

See, other weather enthusiasts and even the professionals bit on the models showing a major Thanksgiving weekend snow storm.  The Indianapolis Star even wrote an article about the potential. 

Others focused on the multiple chances for severe weather talking about a huge outbreak and potential high risk for the Monday/Tuesday system.

As of now there isn't even a slight risk out for severe weather and models are all over the place on the Thanksgiving snow storm.  About the only place it isn't is the snow storm. 

See, by being busy, I didn't get sucked in.  Also I didn't write about it and suck you in either. 

What looks to happen now is rain and lots of it over the Thanksgiving week.  Likely an inch plus for us by Friday.  Some non severe thunderstorms could pop up and maybe even some slop/flakes later in the week but mainly just plain old miserable weather. 

So go about your business this short week and be glad you were not sucked into the hype.

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