Friday, November 26, 2010

Snowless November

Currently Kokomo has remained snowless for November.  There have been a few flakes mixed in with the cold rain but nothing accumulated even in the elevated crevasses which normally collect snow.  There is a good chance we finish snowless for the month too.  There is a change on Tuesday for a change over to snow but we have highs near 40 in the afternoon and then the temps start dropping.

Many places remain  without snow or have recorded just a trace or slightly more.  The next real shot at snow is the 4th or 5th of December.  That is a weekend of course.  The model consensus now is for a decent amount of precipitation for that time frame to be over the Ohio Valley/Great Lakes regions.  Sometimes it is much to warm for snow and sometimes not.  Looks like there will be some model watching needed next week.

Temperature wise we are currently above normal for the month but not by much.  I think we will finish there given a short lived warming trend happens for the final two days of the month.  Precipitation is also catching up too.  Locally Howard County is probably down 10 to 15% for the past 90 days but slightly above average year to date. 

I want to wish everyone a great finish to the Thanksgiving weekend and look for some more details on the December snow maker in a few days.

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