Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Morning Update

Looks like we should be dry for a few hours locally as a dryslot comes through. Surface temperatures are also rising so the light glaze seen about should melt off or at a minimum stop increasing. Overall I found traveled roads wet with lightly used roads still slick in spots. The police scanner has slowed down with slid offs for now giving law enforcement and tow truck drivers a rest.

Temperatures should continue a slow rise through Christmas morning and nearly an inch of rain possible. (Yes, the snow will melt away.) We should transition back to snow by tomorrow afternoon. A light snow with an inch or so likely into Sunday.

I do think we are nearly done with the freezing rain. That is a good thing for travelers and last minute shoppers. Please note than travel north and west could be much more hazardous so please check conditions before traveling.

Have a great Christmas if you don't happen to stop by again. Also, don't forget to watch Santa and his travels. (He is already on the road delivering presents!) Check here -

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