Thursday, December 31, 2009

Busted Forecast & Colder

I forgot to post it here but shared it with my twitter followers that I was fairly certain the Wednesday into Thursday snow would drop 2 to 4 inches. There were some promising reports out from Peoria Illinois to our west which seemed to support my forecast. Well, it didn't even come close in our area. The heavier snow bands went south with places such as Crawfordsville receiving 3 inches. We had a trace to one tenth of an inch. What snow we did receive ran into a large pocket of dry air and the falling white stuff never hit the ground.

We look to have some melting and compacting of the snow today before we user in much colder temperatures. The weekend will see highs in the low to middle teens with single digit lows. Some lake effect snow could reach as far south as us this weekend too bring just light accumulations. Up near Lake Michigan the snow totals could surpass two feet over the next few days.

Speaking of two feet, the crazy talk I mentioned a few posts ago two to four feet of synoptic snow over a wide portions of the eastern US turned out to be just that. I guess with three memorable if not historic snows in a row, it just seems plausible the pattern and storm which the models kept showing could actually be true. Now the storm will be a more traditional set up over just the upper New England states. (VT, NH, ME) Six plus inches with howling winds will produce sometimes fun wintry conditions for them.

No surprises in the medium to long range for us other than it will remain cold and many nuisance dustings (yes, dustings) are likely. No accumulations of more than an inch here or there is showing up currently. I have held out hope the end of next week would produce a big storm but it doesn't seem as likely as we are drawing closer and it hasn't even shown any solutions which give us a big snow for several model runs. Oh well...

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