Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow in the Forecast?

Twenty four hours ago I had little confidence in getting measurable snow from the weekend clipper system. What a difference a day makes with some better sampling of the system coming onshore and a few models runs. Hey, even the NWS in Indianapolis has jumped on board for a 50% chance of snow for Friday late afternoon to Saturday evening.

The low will track from Quincy, Illinois at 7 AM Friday morning to Evansville by 7 PM Friday evening and then Lexington, KY be 7 AM Saturday morning before continuing east.

This should make for a wide swath of snow squarely dropping one to two inches across our area. One thing I like is we have had pretty good luck with clipper system and it isn't all that uncommon for them to over perform. Spots of three or four inches wouldn't surprise me with the snow being light and fluffy.

This will likely also be a slow duration event which will cause slick roads across the area for 24 or more hours. Get your shopping done early! (I am done already!)

A later update is possible or early tomorrow morning.

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