Saturday, January 8, 2011

Finally a decent snow...

Tough Colts loss tonight.  The loss has dampened my enthusiasm to write about what should be our best snow of the season.  Anyway, on to the upcoming snow...

This system has many positives to talk about.  I would like to see the 00z Euro later tonight but we look to be securely in the path of a bowling ball type of system.  We will not be on the edge of a tight cut off.  This system will deliver a wide swath of snow covering much of Indiana.

We will start cold and remain cold.  No chance of any mixing or icing issues anywhere nearby.  It will be several states south.

Great ratios will take a modest amount of moisture and turn it into a lot of white fluffy snow.  It should be easy to shovel. 

Timing is probably the only real problem with this snow system.   The snow will start Monday evening and the bulk of the accumulations will happen Tuesday.  It will linger into Wednesday.  Decisions to delay or cancel school will be difficult for school administrators. 

Details should be much clearer tomorrow but widespread 3-5 inches across the area seems likely. 

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