Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick Forecast...

I was hoping to do a more detailed forecast tonight but honestly I am very tried after my recent camping trip.  I will talk more about soon but I know you are looking for a forecast.  It is pretty simple, we dodged what looked to be trouble today with freezing rain and snow.  Some rain overnight and and back to rain/snow on Tuesday.

There will not be any significant accumulations (less than an inch for snow) but it could be rather messy out on the roads.  Slow down and be careful.

The significant snow will be on Thursday.  Like last week, we will have a widespread system giving many people accumulating snow.  There will not be any crazy amounts but 3 to 6 inches with 8 inch lollipops seem very likely looking at all the models.  I do need to spend some more time to tweak this forecast which will have the storm here soon.

Right after the snow is the blast of arctic air we kept thinking was coming.  Below zero temps overnight and single digit highs during the day.

While I hate to make snow day calls several days early but this looks like a short week for students and faculty.  School could very well very canceled on Thursday and Friday.

Keep coming back for additional updates.  We will have them soon, I promise.

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