Saturday, January 1, 2011

January's Forecast: Just WOW!

Just a quiet Saturday evening at home peeking over the models and all I can say is WOW.

First, a meteorologist I know believes that the December we had matched the the December of 1981.  Even much of 1981 matched 2010.  January 1982 produced 43 inches of snow in Kokomo.

Looks like the Climate Prediction Center wants it to be cold.  Here is the 6-10 and the 8-14 day outlooks.

The daily analog for 8-14 days shows a match for January 29, 1978.  Anyone remember some blizzard just about that time in 1978?  Anyone?

Make of it what you will. All I know is January weather looks to be rather interesting.


Anonymous said...

there were TWO Blizzards in the 70's that I remember. 1977 and 1978.

Chris in Tipton said...

Yes....I remember 2 as well. The 78 was THE motherload of snow storms.....likely won't be repeated in my lifetime...another 40 years or so.....

I am hopeful for more snow soon....I see plenty of cold air....just having a hard time finding a good system to watch. Help me out!

Chris in Tipton said...

It is looking like there are 2 systems to watch for next week!!!!