Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rain | Severe Weather

Rain will overtake the region tonight and bring significant rainfall amounts. One to three inches by Tuesday evening will bring a flash flood threat for Kokomo. I mowed yesterday and the ground was saturated before the Saturday night rains.  Rain will continue to through mid week and more rain is forecast for the next two weeks.

Severe weather is also on tap through Wednesday.  The only good news is we are not in the bullseye but are under a significant threat each day.  Be prepared each day for severe weather.  I will be nowcasting each day with updated forecasts and the day unfolds. 

Take a moment and look back at last week where we had 26 tornadoes. Quite amazing when you think about.  Check out Ryan's blog where he outlines all 26 of them.

We will be seeing a lot more of each other this week.  I look forward to keeping you informed.

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