Thursday, April 21, 2011

Which Bad News Do You Want?

I have a lot of bad news with the forecast.

We already have too much rain and we are going to get more.  Another 2 to 4 inches is likely over the next week.  Probably more but it is difficult to pinpoint the localized amounts.

The next bad news involves severe weather for Friday.  While we might not get the brunt of the severe weather, we will again see a warm front lifting north across Indiana followed by a cold front pushing east overnight.  A similar scenario could play out to the recent Tuesday event.  Indiana now has 14 or 15 confirmed tornadoes with the system which swept across almost the entire state.  Winds again will have fast storm motion and you should get to safety when warnings are issued.  If you wait, it might be too late.

But wait, there's more...

There are chances for rain and thunderstorms through the end of next week.  The early to middle part of the week could be very rough.  No exact details or locations yet but everything in our region is in play for severe weather.

Youth baseball is also starting up.  I will put together a few tips this weekend for both venue managers, players & coaches, and fans/parents to better prepare yourselves for the upcoming season.  I suspect it will be rocky all season long.

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