Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We got lucky...

Sounds crazy but we really did get lucky yesterday.  The first round of severe weather never materialized as the warm front made slow progression northward.  While we were primed to go, the fuse never got lit.  There was evidence on how juiced the atmosphere was as the squall line rolled through.

If you were watching radar, the bow echo was back in Tippecanoe and Montgomery Counties but a cell ahead of the line in Clinton County went from nothing to huge in just a few minutes.  It cut across Howard County going through Galveston and into Miami County.

I wonder if the 20 damaged cars at the Miami County Correctional Facility were the result of that isolated cell.  It produced some very dramatic cloud to ground lightning which I witnessed.

We did miss out on some tornadoes unlike Illinois and even Ohio.  I think the SREF which had shown strong indication for tornadoes was generally spot on.  

Take a couple of days to clean up and rest.  The atmosphere is reloading and the SPC already has us in a slight risk and the SREF is already highlighting another tornado threat for our area.

And this isn't the end to the severe weather threats.  There is a large threat looming for early next week.  Too early for specifics but Tuesday has temperatures near 80, dewpoints in the 60's and another surface low tracking to our west just like so many other times we have had severe outbreaks.

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