Friday, January 1, 2010


We need to take some time to review 2009 and the 09-10 Winter Outlook. Let's start with my winter outlook...

Like so many, I haven't done so well with my forecast. But I also am not completely off base either. For temperatures, I had said November and December would be warm. I had even said there would be a few days where coats wouldn't be needed in December. That didn't happen but it was rather warm in late November where it was warm enough to wear shorts and leave the coat at home. Only three days in December made it to 50 or above.

November was warmer than normal but December ended up colder. That said I think I was close to the mark. The prediction of a deep cold snap January does seem on target. No significant warm up in sight.

The precipitation faucet was shut off in November after several very wet months. November was very dry. However December got a bit wetter but the overall average is below normal. I am still thinking we are on track for wetter overall and my thought that some of the precipitation would be rain have unfortunately correct. More snow would have been nicer.

The snowfall for December in Kokomo is 8.5 inches which isn't bad considering we have not had a significant storm system produce snow over our area. The El NiƱo has blown a lot of snow forecasts with wild and wacky snow systems producing historic amounts of snow for the Eastern Seaboard and Upper Slain states and Western Great Lakes. The Ohio Valley however has been missed by the big systems. Hopefully our time will come...

2009: A Look Back

The year was wetter and cooler overall. I don't recall many days over 90 degrees this past summer. Not much severe weather locally and even nationally the number of tornadoes is down from previous seasons. Overall we the generally poor snow amounts in Jan-Feb and then December there isn't much to remember. Overall 2009 was a very mundane year of weather.

We also need to take a look back at the previous decade and I will do that in later post.

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