Sunday, February 20, 2011

Active Weather Pattern...

The large scale pattern continues to be active.  Hopefully some of the activity will trickle down to some local activity.  Up first is the second wave of the current system hammering areas from the Dakotas to the East Coast.  Snow, sleet, & ice and a lot of it.  Temperatures will fall Monday producing a borderline opportunity for snow Monday evening.  Accumulations will likely be an inch or less.  However a minor adjustment could produce two to three inches.  Very, very slim chance but possible

Later this week is the next large system.  We are looking at Thursday evening into Friday morning.  The GFS and Euro agree on the large scale idea but differ on where the axis of snow will set up.  The GFS pictured below has the low pressure following a perfect path for our area to receive the best snows.  The Euro is a bit further north with the snow axis bringing 40-50 degree temps into Indiana. Could be nothing or could be 6-8 inches for us.  At least it is something to track.  :)

The warmer temps could translate to some potential for severe weather for us.  However either the GFS or the Euro looks to produce a significant severe weather outbreak for areas south.  It is defiantly worth keeping an eye on the situation.  

March 1 might come in like a lion is the advertised system materializes.  

Lots of moisture being advertised.  If it can move up into the cold sector, then BOOM goes the snow!

Additional activity on the long range.

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