Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To Snow or Not To Snow...

That is the question...

A few times you have heard me mention the various numerical computer models which produce weather maps.  We have a huge battle ongoing right now with next weeks storm.  The GFS which is many times suspect is north, way north and produces warm and rain for Sunday into Tuesday.  It has plenty of moisture but isn't even close on producing snow.

On the other hand the ECMWF (Euro) which is typically the first to sniff out the correct storm track and has been many times crowned King has less moisture but is a solid snow event.  Other models show everything from compromise/blended solutions to even more whacky solutions.

The JMA does seem to be pretty close match to the Euro.

What concerns me a little bit is some sleet and ice as a threat. Not like recent problems Indy south experienced but enough that I am paying close attention to that aspect.

More info as it become clear.  Sooner or later one of the models will blink and we should have a better idea of a solution.

No specific amounts but nothing historic should it be snow.   Just a good old fashioned snow maker.

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