Tuesday, February 1, 2011

End of Day Two

Kokomo is now the official capital of sleet.  I am not sure how one gets an accurate measurement of sleet since it compacts so nicely.  I would guess 4 to 6 inches has fallen between yesterday and today.  Some snow has also mixed in mostly at the start of the first wave on Monday. 

The dry slot will cut down on our precipitation totals overnight.  The NWS believes that wrap around moisture will produce several inches of snow near morning.  I am skeptical since wrap around snow never seems to materialize. 

Be cautious if you think you must venture out.  The sleet is like sand and impossible to drive through.  The winds are also gusty blowing the sleet around.  I think the sleet should be mostly done by midnight. 

Don't forget you can listen to Kokomo and Howard County Police and Fire online at Scan Kokomo


Anonymous said...

We did not the snow as usual. I am one of the few that loves snow and I always get my hopes up when the predict a big snow and then I get let down. Oh well guess I have to stop listening to them. they are never right.

Chris in Tipton said...

I am already watching the next TWO systems....lined up are prepared to probably MISS US....but someone will get some snow!!! :)