Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A break in the action...

We had some serious snow happening early before the sleet started falling.  Look for it to end soon with morning totals near an inch.  Part two is getting wound up tight and should be bearing down on us tomorrow.  Please don't take the break in action tomorrow morning to get out and get yourself stranded (or worse).  I encourage you to stay put and enjoy some time with family or friends.

All county schools have closed for Tuesday and I cannot see how Kokomo-Center doesn't cancel too.

I also want to encourage you to thanks an public safety officials who are out in this storm.  They do not have it easy out there.

I will be offline until morning. Everything looks like a go for a historic storm for Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

If Kokomo City Schools waits till the last seconds to call for a cancellation and we get calls in the AM about it, im going to start calling THEM about 3AM and leave THEM a recorded message Thanking Them.