Monday, February 7, 2011

Grading Winter

Since there is a bit of a break from following our next snow system, I thought what better time to do a mid winter grade. 

Winter locally has been rather busy.  Kokomo has seen 15 measurable snow events with 7 of those recording 2 inches or more.  Our current snow total is an even 30 inches.  It seems like we have done well but Indy is at 33.4 inches and Lafayette has been the areas sweet spot recording 44.9 inches.

To reach our 30 inch total, we have been seem mostly smaller events.  Only one topped 6 inches and two topped 4 inches. 

We have an amazing 10 inches of snow depth but that total is tempered by the sleet storm which could have us at 2 feet of snow depth.  That would have been historic.  (Kids would still be out of school!)  Illinois, Missouri, & Indiana are experiencing top 10 winter snow fall totals.  Some are at number one.  We are not there yet but might make it before winter ends.

(Unfortunately Kokomo (ICAO: KOKK) is not available with detailed climate information.  There is some data available but it is not 100% and would take weeks to make it usable.  Still someday I hope to tally the snowfall totals.)

This winter has also featured cold temperatures and there have even been some below zero readings.  (We will see a couple of more subzero temps this week.)  But there has not been any memorable cold. 

The sleet storm was memorable but it would have been much more memorable had it been snow.  So unlike last winter where I had a mid winter grade of F, this one has earned a much better mark.  I award it a solid A-.  Hopefully it can pull out an A+.  That will require a 10+ inch snowfall.  Maybe there is one of those still waiting in the wings.

I will fess up and say I am really done with the nuisance snows.  If we cannot get 6+ inches, then let's just skip it.  Also, just 22 days until meteorological spring and the start of severe weather season.  Woo Hoo!


Scott, Kokomo said...

I'll agree with the A-, like you, would still love to see one nice storm before it's over, not putting the plow up just yet....

Chris in Tipton said...

I would tend to agree with the grade....I would give it a B+...close enough to your A-. (Especially on my grading scale...where a 94 is a B+)---hahaha

I am with you on these little snows. They have added up over 2 months...I am at 30.3" here for the season....very nice!!!---but I am over it.

Bring on a good 8"+...or lets get to severe weather season...