Sunday, February 6, 2011

Enjoy Today

You should enjoy the just above freezing temperatures today.  Things will dramatically change as early as 36 Tuesday morning when we reach single digit lows.  The rest of the week will features below zero lows each morning and highs around 10 degrees until Friday when we see highs in the middle to upper teens.  Come next weekend, we begin to warm up with highs near or above freezing.

Next week will be warm with highs in the 40's.  Depending on the snow pack, we might break into the 50's in the latter part of the week.

As for snow, looks like we will have a reprieve for a couple of weeks.  The snow for today and tomorrow looks unimpressive for our area.  I am not even sure an inch is doable.  Probably best as most people need a break.

The end if the week storm just isn't headed our way.  I cannot even find some false hope with the less reliable models.  I won't say there is zero chance since the storm which dumped on the east coast was not modeled until 48 hours beforehand, I so think chances are quite unfavorable.

The JMA likes the southern solution for the week end...

Game Over!

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Chris in Tipton said...

I wouldn't write off that mid week storm just yet. I agree....the models are not showing this event for our area...but the models have done such a poor job this winter....thanks to the East Atlantic upper ridge.