Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Anyone have a clue?

The forecast models are still rather divergent on their solutions.  There was some better consensus last evening but that has taken a step backwards now.  Reading forecast discussions from the various NWS offices doesn't help any with trying to figure out the weekend system.

Tonight on WTHR, Chris Wright and Jude Redfield even went on to explain the model problem.  Chris sighted the wild 19" snow amount from yesterday as one the outlandish solutions.

I doubt there will be any magical agreement tonight either.  Probably another 24 hours away from coming closer.  Still, almost every solution still produces 3 to 4 inches of snow and winds for us.  I think we will get something.  Will we get buried?  Like everyone else, I am still not sure.


Scott said...

I believe we'll get something, and I believe it will be interesting, especially with the winds that will be in play. Will be ready for whatever comes our way, thanks for following this so close and can't wait until the models finally have a reasonable solution!

Chris in Tipton said...

I am wondering if the lows will converge closer to the Atlantic...and if so, will this affect how much snow the midwest gets. 19" from the GFS was way overdone....but I am not sure that I see 1-2 inches either. If the storm tracks even over southern IN....we would still be in line for 4-5 inches of snow in this area....

TIME will tell....for sure....and the winds and cold after the snow begins will be brutal.