Friday, December 3, 2010

Noon Update Included | Final Call

It is time for a final call.  I will stick with 2 to 3 inches widespread by the end of the day Saturday.  Some sweet spots could reach 5 inches.  The bulk of the snow accumulations will be during the daylight hours of Saturday.  Winds should be very light so as mentioned earlier, this will be a peaceful snowfall.
There might be a nice long fetch off Lake Michigan which could deliver some lake effect snow for us adding a couple of more inches.

Snow ratios will be above average with 12 to 1 to 15 to 1 likely.  This will be the light and fluffy stuff.

I expect to have another high resolution map around lunch.  About the same time I expect a Snow Advisory from the NWS in Indianapolis.  Here is their current thinking which I also like...

Noon Update: No revisions to the call at this time.  My only concern would be we are on the eastern edge of the sharp cut off and get minimal accumulations.  It could happen.  Hope it doesn't.

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