Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Maybe A Historic Storm On Tap For Christmas

There looks to be historic snow storm system that might rival the 1993 Storm if the Century.  Remember that big one?  We received 1.5 inches.  Of course that might be wishful thinking for those on the East Coast looking to get slammed by this beast.  If it is still on the table this time tomorrow, then they might have reason to think it will verify. 

For the Ohio Valley, it seems the apocalyptic snow that got everyone's attention with Sunday's model runs is all but a memory.  The GFS which was holding strong with its northern solution finally gave up tonight and went south with the European's solution.  I guess it still is the king with finding the correct solution before anyone else.

Now tonight's GFS didn't show the historic snow like the Euro.  It went out to sea with the low pressure which is sub 960mb.  It could be quite the beast. 

So what is in the cards for us?  The models have been really dry and I think too dry.  Chris Wright on WTHR tonight (11 PM Tuesday) went with 2-5 inches for Christmas Eve and continues flurries into Christmas.   That seems like a reasonable forecast with the higher amounts south and west.  I will out out some amounts and a time line tomorrow evening.

Across central Indiana, look for slick road conditions and accumulating snow.  Nothing that would prohibit holiday travel but it will make it slow and treacherous.  If you take your time, you should make it where you are going.

There will able be lake effect snow cranking too so if you are traveling around the areas which get hammered from Lake Michigan, take heed.

For now the final track of this big system will likely be revealed in another 24 to 36 hours.  If you are traveling out of state, make sure to check the weather conditions.  East Coast travel might be impossible this weekend. 

I will keep an eye on this since there might be some final corrections tomorrow but am not expecting any big change.  Merry Christmas to everyone.

(Did I mention there was a monster system around New Years which could extend school's winter break another week?  Some day one of these beasts will verify for us.  Someday.)