Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Noon Update

There were a couple of model runs last evening which were rather nice.  Back to the double digit accumulations.  The European which many consider the king of the models given its track record of being right more often than not and for also being the first model to catch on to a solution did finally break away from its northern solution and came south matching the track of the other models.  it dumped about 4-6 inches over our area.

With that said, the GFS decided to become less amplified today and was slower with the phase.  That keeps the system from bombing out over Indiana.  However a 3-4" snowfall continues to be on the table.  We now need to wait and see what it does this time around.

With that said, let's review the past 4 runs of the GFS ending Monday evening.  These are newest to oldest and are from runs 6 hours apart.  None leave us high and dry.

Updated Threat/Hazards Map:

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