Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting Closer

A brief mention of the Thursday/Friday clipper.  Forget about it.  Less than half an inch likely with an inch being the top amount but very unlikely.

The weekend storm still remains very plausible.  The exact track remains a mystery but any travel plans Saturday through Monday or even Tuesday.  I have made a map of the areas of primary concerns.

It generally mimics the Hazards Map.  Notice the area of high winds.  This could make blizzard like conditions.  There will also be a deep cold snap to follow.  Very late 70's like if you will. 

Our solutions go from a rain snow mix to all snow.  No matter which scenario plays out, I have always seen us receiving several accumulating inches.  Some are much more dramatic.  The recent run of the GFS is 19 inches for Sunday and Monday. 

Click HERE for the recent output from the snow tool.  I have saved it as a PDF since it is time sensitive.  Very juciy...  (Find the column labels TotSN for the snow total.  It does reset if there is no snow for a 3 hour period.)


Chris in Tipton said...

I am very interested in this run of the GFS....and the Japanese Model looks very juicy as well.....this could be a big one.....indeed!

Jim said...

The GFS seems to have us in a bullseye every couple of runs. About time for another. ;)