Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ready for more?

This was a great little system and a fine way to kick off winter.  This clipper was not a true clipper but it had many characteristics of a clipper with its track and performance.  Like a clipper, there was a sharp cut off on accumulations along the outer edges.  For us we were modeled to be on the eastern edge just a couple of counties to our east the snow totals are rather low and unimpressive.

Also like a clipper, they have a tendency to over perform with with narrow bands of heavy snow.  I had held out hope that we would be the recipient of one of those bands but we didn't luck out. 

I think the total I will put in the book will be 3 inch but I will wait for the morning cooperative reports around the area before I decide.  There was an interesting debate online on how to measure snow officially for the NWS.  The reason this came up is the snow is compacting as it sits.  Measuring in shorter time increments can inflate snow totals. Snow measurements are supposed to be taken no closer then 6 hours apart or 4 times daily.

When I measured, I think we had 3 inches but it had compacted to 2 inches by evening.  So I am undecided on how to count it and why I am waiting on other measurements.  I usually do that anyway.

In the title, I asked you were ready for more.  Besides some lake effect flurries over the next couple of days, there looks like some late week and weekend potential with a couple of systems.  It looks like a lot of late nights next week working on forecasts.  Here is a preview map of both systems and the associated snow totals.

A reminder this is just eye candy for now and no need to panic yet.  We should also experience quite the cold snap this week.  The first arctic deep freeze is on...

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