Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Updated: Final Call

Wednesday AM Update: No changes necessary thus morning so I will keep this as the headline. Look for a noon update or if there is a significant change to the forecast.

I thought I might need to wait until later to issue my final call for the system. I like the relatively similar and consistent model runs. Also I like the recent history where the models seems to be in agreement by this time. The high resolution model above is the final puzzle piece which will allow me to make my final call.

Four to six inches for Howard County by Friday morning. Another inch or so possible on Friday. Winds will shift to the northwest starting Thursday afternoon gusting 25 to 30 MPH overnight and remaining 12 to 15 MPH on Friday and then 10 to 12 MPH for the weekend.

Temperatures will be in the teens and falling through Friday with single digit lows overnight. Saturday will see little rebound with a high barely hitting 10 and then below zero for Saturday night. Sunday will see a slight rebound to the middle to upper teens.

Wind chills will remain below zero through the weekend and into Monday morning. Precautions should be taken for anyone venturing out from Thursday early morning and beyond.

The timing of the system for Thursday will have snow beginning around 3 to 5 AM with the heaviest snow from sunrise to early afternoon. It is with great confidence that I can say all Howard County schools will be closed Thursday and Friday due to this clipper system and the bitter cold that follows.

By the way, whatever falls will be around a while, I don't see any warm up in our future.


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