Sunday, January 17, 2010

Still Thawing...

There was some discussion about a significant warm up and some are still saying it is still coming but I just don't see it. Last Thursday was the high mark for temperatures with 41. We were 38 on Friday and 34 on Saturday. Rather than a warm up, I think this is more of a gradual thaw.

The last few days of the month and the first couple of next month show a very active and stormy period. While the details on exactly how this plays out are still in question, there is a lot of evidence to support one or more storms with potential large impacts of wintry weather will be likely. The thing I like most about the pattern during this time is that we have ample moisture showing up. Sometimes there is marginal temperatures but so far the long range GFS has been too warm so I am hopeful it is too warm in that time frame too.

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