Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter: Your F Is Well Deserved...

Winter deserves a big fat F. Just over two weeks ago, I was graded winter as a B-. Honestly I was not of sound mind when I did that. Less than a week earlier, there was a decent clipper system and we were in the middle of a deep freeze across the area.

I somehow looked past the previous misses and thought that my time would come and that encouragement would be better than harshness. I will leave that all behind and expose the cold hard facts leaving no doubt that winter deserves nothing less than an F.

This is an El NiƱo winter. With that type of winter, everyone suffers. Winter is warm and snowless and storms ride through the south out to see. Instead many people have seen snow and not just ho-hum nuisance snows which we have mainly seen but instead great or even historic snows. Oklahoma, a plains state known for being in the heart of tornado alley has had two significant winter storms producing paralyzing snow and ice.

Des Moines, Iowa which shares much of the same lattitude as us is preparing to break the longest streak of having 5 or more inches of snow on the ground. Over 41 inches has fallen since December 1. Several blizzards have crossed over their area.

I will just give a passing mention to the east coast and middle Atlantic states who have seen record snow storms. They are still gloating about it and think they deserve more.

We have been nickled and dimed to death and have just 17 inches.

What is the really frustration is the wasted cold. First, it wasn't even supposed to be cold but rather above normal temperatures were to cover most of the Upper Plains, Midwest, and Ohio Valley area. Nope, long duration cold snaps and even when we saw some warmth, it was barely above seasonal and nothing to enjoy.

Winter fail. Looking ahead, it seems very bleak for our area while other areas will again reap another widespread snow. The currently system which we followed for more than a week only to see it go south and dump significant snow looks likely to repeat next week. This once isn't even over and they are already salivating over the chance at another. Winter cancel.

My spirit is more broken than an Olympic athlete who just missed a gold medal by less than a tenth of a second. I give up on winter and will walk away knowing you are nothing but a cold snowless SOB. I won't be back anytime soon. See my heart is headed to Miami where I can enjoy my Indianapolis Colts win the Superbowl. Winter, top that why dontcha.


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