Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mid Winter Grade

December, January, and February make up meteorological winter. We are now at the middle point and I figure I might as well issue a mid term grade. I think a B- has been earned so far. The recent cold snap and over performing clipper is all that save an otherwise mediocre winter of nuisance snows.

The reason for the low grade is rather simple, three big snows hit the eastern half of the US and none hit here. I suppose if I used a sliding scale and based the grade on an El NiƱo year, then it would deserve an A but I am not one to give special treatment.

Winter does have a chance to redeem itself and earn a higher grade. After what I think will be a halfhearted warm up over the next ten days or so, winter needs to get back to it roots and bring a big snow to the Ohio Valley/Lower Great Lakes.

Big Snow = 10+ inches IMBY (in my back yard) and blowing and drifting. A minimum if two snow days are also required.

As for the warm up that is coming, while I see the 850mb temps warming, I think the snow pack will temper the warmer air and make for luke warm few days.

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