Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some Quick Thoughts...

I am heading out for a few hours for a meeting but have a few thoughts I would like to share before a late evening write up...

The forecast looks pretty solid and my call of 3-5 inches will likely need to be raised but I will do that in the next forecast. I am waiting on a high resolution short term model to complete which will provide some additional detail.

I am now rather confident on a snow day for Friday for area schools. I am unsure what the thinking will be on Thursday morning since the snow won't have really started much by the time school starts. However the heaviest snow is forecast to right at that time thru the afternoon before tapering off (and not ending) and then comes the increase in winds. This snow will be lights and fluffy and will easily drift.

The weekend looks to be colder than the last and expect a Saturday night low below zero. Snow will continue into the weekend in a light amount.

Another clipper system is already showing up for early next week. I have not given it much of a look since I was focused on this system but others have already said it needs watching.

I will toot my own horn a bit with two forecasts I made. One on December 27th which talked about this storm dropping 4 to 6 inches. Another I made on November 1 where I stated in the Winter Outlook that January would be very cold and we would see a few clippers with the potential for one or two to over perform. I am liking my long range call for a cold January into February.

More later including my final call for the system... (That could be very late/just after midnight.)

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