Wednesday, January 6, 2010

While we are waiting...

Just a few thoughts tonight as we wait for the arrival for the storm...

Anyone realize we have not seen an above freezing temperature in 2010? Maybe next week we can get above 32 but it won't be by much or last very long.

Snow looks good and I think LES will continue to add a couple of inches by Saturday morning. It is really cranking according to the models.

Already an inch fallen on Peoria, IL.

I have heard some discussion that a bit of Gulf moisture might be injecting itself into the system.

All we can do now is wait and see how it all unfolds. I still feel good about things including school closing for Thursday and Friday. (I wouldn't be surprised to see a delay then close scenario on Thursday. I know, those suck.)

Oh, might as well show some love to the snow map which shows 8 to 10 inches by 7 PM on Saturday! Lots of blowing and drifting to accompany the system. There is even a speck of 10 to 12 just east of Kokomo!

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