Sunday, February 7, 2010

1999 Redux

The comparable analogs for this upcoming storm keep showing January 1/2, 1999. It was a great storm for the midwest. I wonder if we can get it done again.

The storm -

The snow it left behind...


Matt said...

Jim, check out Accu-weather! I looked up kokomo to see what they had to say. They are calling for 13.7 inches by tuesday night! Is that really possible?

Anonymous said...

Matt, look at Kokomo now. They are saying 7.1 now. One thing to remember about accuweather, is that they are notorious for overshooting estimates and getting everyone in a frenzy, then backing off at the last minute. I saw that last night as well and got all Frankfort was showing 14.1 they have cut it in half.