Friday, February 5, 2010

8 PM Snow Report

There updates are slowing down since I think everyone realizes it is a mess outside. There isn't as much snow currently as I expected but it still is coming down and should for much of the overnight period. Cannot say for sure how much is on the ground but surprisingly it is blowing pretty good. Even in my subdivision on the west side, I can see some drifting. I suspect the rural areas are experiencing significant drifting.

As expected, better snows were south and east of Howard County. Of course much further east there is another historic snow for the middle Atlantic states where they are measuring snow in feet. (Oh how sweet that would be.)

I think winds will be the bigger story thru Saturday night before becoming lighter on Sunday. With the snow ending mostly by tomorrow morning, plow crews should be able to get the roads into shape in time for the big game on Sunday evening. Of course they will be back on duty at the start of next week. More on that later.

Before anyone asks, winter didn't redeem itself with this system. Yeah, I might not give it an F now but my parents never considered a D anything worth celebrating.

Look for a late, late update after the model runs and some analysis of next weeks system can be completed.

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