Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Is Forecast...

I am going to take a conservative approach to this system tonight and not go overboard with the forecast. It is important to note this forecast is much closer range and has much more model verification than the previous storm which clobbered the south this past weekend. Also most professional meteorologists are buying into the storm so I feel I am doing more than wishcasting on this one...

There is pretty solid support for widespread significant snow across our area including much of Indiana and Ohio. The system is building as it moves east so expect higher snow totals as you go into Ohio from this system. Further east, the middle Atlantic states also will be hit again with snow similar to their powerful snow maker from December. As someone said, could Washington D.C. had two of their top 10 snows in the same year? Very possible.

Look for a lot of forecast changes on Wednesday as the picture become clearer and it would not surprise me to see some snow advisories issued in the afternoon for the upcoming snow. The timing is not good for anyone looking for a Friday snow day. While I can see some snow beginning around the start of school, the real snow will start late afternoon and continue into Saturday morning. That means Friday night ballgames could be in serious jeopardy. Saturday sports event forget about 'em.

This also should be a wet snow which will complicate matter some since it will fall overnight, most people will wake up to the snow and have to move a lot of it at once on Saturday.

The models have tossed out some impressive but not obscene numbers for the total. However I think a conservative call at this time is 2 to 4 inches and I have no doubt those total will be raise as we get closer to the event. This will likely be the biggest snow of the season and possibly in the past couple of winters. (7.5" was the biggest in 08/09.)

I would suggest making plans for a weekend at home watching the Colts and to get your snack foods early. If you wait until the totals become higher and the general public more knowledgeable, you might find the grocery stores packed Thursday evening and Friday.

Winter does have a chance to redeem itself from the grade F I issued a few days ago. I am not sure this system will do it by itself but there could be a repeat early next week. Wouldn't that be something!

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