Thursday, February 18, 2010


Just unbelievable! The NAM brings the rain/snow line all the way up to Lake Michigan.  Our storm would be mainly rain with a little back end snow.  The rain and melting snow pack would likely cause wide area flooding.  The ground is frozen so there would be no place for the water to go.

Of course it doesn't make sense for it to go north given the strong blocking all across the north.

I guess the 18z DGEX is supporting the northern track.

Assuming the NAM run tonight is not correct and sticking with the earlier information, I think a good first call would be 2 to 4 inches for the Kokomo area.  Also don't forget the inch falling on Saturday.  I have seen several bullish calls already for the Sunday/Monday system but I still feel there are a lot of questions to answer before I go big with my call.  (There is plenty of time to get the answers we need.)

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Scott said...

Brian Wilkes still seems to favor us, I'm riding this until its pouring down rain here! Still think the models will move back into our favor, sorry, still greedy!