Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lake Effect Snow

LES can create little snow bands almost anywhere.  This morning I was over near the Howard County Airport and saw a nice dusting of snow and slick roads.  I drove back to US 31 near the Chrysler plants on the north side and virtually nothing. 

It look like over an inch has fallen this evening on the west side of Kokomo and the LES snow bands will continue to move around causing some additional spot accumulations.  It is possible one or more county schools may be on a two hour delay tomorrow morning.

Further east, what could be the baddest storm of the season is ready to take hold eastern Ohio through the New England stats down to Baltimore and Washington DC.  Everything from I-80 north could see true blizzard conditions for several days.  This storm is so large and powerful that some faint wrap around snow bands have been shown to extend back into our area. 

Long term, March 10th give or take a day or two has been rather active with a big system over our area.  We shall have to wait and see.

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