Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Storm Wrap Up

Well, the forecast didn't go as so many planned. The system failed in so many ways but also did pretty well in others. The fail was the total amount of 5.5 inches in Howard County. The dry slot cut down the totals from the 7 to 10 inches forecast. I am thankful my 5-9" call verified but my thinking was more around 7 inches.

The wind was also a fail as it didn't get as extreme as many anticipated. The Blizzard Watch for some counties to our northwest never morphed into a warning but for all of us the winds did to a pretty good job blowing around the snow and reducing visibilities.

The snow storm did help get us just above our seasonal snowfall with a recorded 26.5 inches and it was out largest snow of the season at 5.5 inches. It even came on the heals of a 4 inch snow giving us nearly 10 inches over 6 days.

I also got a couple of snow days for area schools. I suspect Thursday and maybe even Friday will have some delays too.

The dry slot on Tuesday was also a bit weird. Many across this area of the state reported snow was melting but the temperatures was in the middle to high 20s. We also experienced a rapid temperature drop (and rise) as the ULL (upper level low) passed overhead a couple hours on either side of midnight.

We close the books on this one and then look for the next system(s). Nothing significant in the near term so I will wait and do that forecast tomorrow.

One last treat for everyone, a YouTube video - (It's all fun.)


Scott said...

Is he a real meteorologist, hilarious and unbelievable all together!

Jim said...

He is a real met. Sometimes the guys/gals at Accuweather get a little crazy with their wacky with the videos. (They keep a blooper real online updated every month.)

Anonymous said...

Video is a hoot!