Monday, February 15, 2010

We earned a T for the day...

I think I will be putting a trace in the books for today.  No accumulations around Howard County.  Overnight and into tomorrow expect some light wrap around snow with minimal accumulations.  I did notice some trucks out salting the highways on the way back from a basketball game.Overall wouldn't expect much to come of the flurries but some slick roads might cause a school delays but not very likely. 

Some hints for a weekend storm system but not very impressive and lots of model disagreement at the moment so I will hold off on any hype.  The NWS office has held off with adding any chance for precipitation in the forecast so the confidence level is low on this one. 

Things continue to look active over the next couple of weeks but we could end up with near misses just as easily as we could get hammered.  Winter continues to fail in Howard County.  :(

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